Iowa Natural Resources License Plates

By Taylor on July 9, 2013 in Blog

P1070570_editedIowans can support conservation and highlight some of the state's wildlife species with their car license plate.

The five variations of Iowa's natural resource plates feature the state bird and flower (American goldfinch and wild rose), a beautiful pheasant, a majestic eagle, an Iowa buck or a Brook trout.

A portion of the price for these license plates, formerly known as REAP plates, goes to support the Wildlife Diversity Program and the Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) program.

The Wildlife Diversity Program receives $10 from the plates' purchase price and $15 of the renewal price, and the funds are dedicated to direct conservation of Iowa's 550 wildlife species that are not considered sport fish or game.

REAP supports city, county and state parks; water quality improvements; wildlife habitat and prairie and woodland restoration; public recreation lands, historic preservation and conservation education. The program has been around since 1989 and receives $35 of the purchase price and $10 of the renewal price of the license plates.

If you are interested in supporting conservation through the purchase of a natural resources license plate, visit the Iowa DNR website to learn more!