Let's Connect

By Taylor on March 11, 2015 in Blog

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Connect the trails that is. The “Let’s Connect” project is working to connect Raccoon River Valley Trail to High Trestle Trail, two outstanding Iowa trails.

This nine-mile “connector” between Perry and Woodward is proposed as an off-road recreational trail, which provides more safety and serves more users. Not only will these nine miles open more trail routes and provide new adventures, they will make central Iowa an even bigger trails destination.

High Trestle Trail

The "Art Bridge" in use on High Trestle Trail.

The “Art Bridge” in use on High Trestle Trail

The paved High Trestle Trail runs for 25 miles from Woodward to Ankeny through Polk, Story, Boone and Dallas counties. It features a half-mile, 13-story high bridge across the Des Moines River valley, one of the largest trail bridges in the world.

Raccoon River Valley Trail

A gorgeous along Raccoon River Valley Trail.

A gorgeous view along Raccoon River Valley Trail

Also paved, the RRVT stretches for 89 miles (including a 72-mile interior loop) through Guthrie, Greene and Dallas counties. Long segments are lined with trees, giving trail users the feeling of being under a shady canopy or tunnel. Open areas offer expansive views of the Iowa countryside—from agricultural fields to patches of native wildflowers and grasses to various species of wildlife.

You can help.

The Dallas County Conservation Board, Raccoon River Valley Trail Association and the cities of Perry, Bouton and Woodward have been cooperating on the project. INHF is helping by serving as a central gift repository. Now it's time for trail lovers to help connect two of Iowa’s biggest and best trails.

The project will cost an estimated $5 million. To date, federal and state grant money has allowed the hire of Snyder and Associates to help determine the route and design the “connector” trail. Phase I consists of acquiring right-of-way and constructing the trail from Perry to Bouton. Matching funds are needed for this phase and will be needed for future phases of this important trail network connection.

Your gift will provide matching funds needed to secure public grants and other major support for this project. A commitment of $1,000 or more enables you to receive recognition at each trailhead. Donate here.