Meet the Bike Generator

By INHF on June 15, 2012 in Blog

bike generator

Want to help power the party? Now you can – with the help of the INHF bike generator.

How it works

The bicycle generator has a 3,000 watt power inverters that transform DC current from four deep cycle batteries in A/C current that allows the use of normal electrical devices. This is accomplished by a generator being rotated by the bicycles to produce 25 to 30 amps as the cyclist pedal the bikes. In a four hour time frame, the bike generator is capable of out putting 400 watts of power with continued cycling – that’s enough to power four X-Box game consoles!

Still a little hazy on how a bicycle is producing electricity? It’s actually pretty simple! While you and your friends peddle – rotating your bike’s chains – you’re creating energy. The generator takes that energy and converts it into electricity that can be used to power awesome events like Ankeny Unplugged and 80/35.

Interested in renting the bike generator for a private event? Contact Andrea Chase at or call 515.288.1846.