Meet the Summer 2022 Land Stewardship Interns!

By Mack Swenson on June 20, 2022 in Blog

Please join INHF in giving a warm welcome to our 17 land stewardship interns for the summer!

Loess Hills Land Stewardship Interns

Nick GoodellNick Goodell

Hometown: Williamsburg, IA

Favorite native plant/animal: Sycamore Tree

University: Iowa State University

Major(s): Forestry

“I am excited to learn more about native prairie plants, along with prescribed fire on the landscape.”

Kaley HubbardKaley Hubbard

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Favorite native plant/animal: Pasque Flower, River Otter

University: University of Nebraska Omaha

Major(s): Environmental Science

Minor(s): Sustainability 

“[I look forward to] getting to travel to different areas of Iowa and learn more about protecting Iowa’s natural resources.”

 AJ LassAJ Lass

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Favorite native plant/animal: Red Oak and Hackberry

University: Iowa State University

Major(s): Forestry

Minor(s): Animal Ecology and Military Science

"[I'm looking forward to] using saws and fire to let nature get back to doing its thing unimpeded."

Central Iowa Land Stewardship Interns

Brady ChilesBrady Chiles

Hometown: Altoona, Iowa

Favorite native plant/animal: Wild Bergamot, Sandhill Crane

University: Iowa State University

Major(s): Animal Ecology

Minor(s): Forestry

“I am excited to see some of the hidden gems of Iowa, and take part in nurturing them. As well as picking up some practical experience along the way.”

Megan DagueMegan Dague

Hometown: Bettendorf, Iowa

Favorite native plant/animal: Swamp Milkweed

University: Iowa State University 

Major(s): Animal Ecology 

“I’m looking forward to building on my knowledge and learning new skills that I can use in my future. Also excited to see all the amazing places in Iowa with all the native species.” 

Caleb KuiperCaleb Kuiper

Hometown: Grundy Center, IA

Favorite native plant/animal: American Sycamore

University: Central College

Major(s): Biology

“I’m most excited to learn how to transform an area back to its more productive former glory. I want to take what I learn from INHF and apply it to my own land in the future!”

Allyson PohrenAllyson Pohren

Hometown: Lockridge, Iowa

Favorite native plant/animal: Prairie Blazing Star, Northern Cardinal 

University: Des Moines Area Community College

Major(s): Environmental Science 

Minor(s): French

“I am excited to explore and make a difference across Iowa over the course of the summer.”

Makenna RhodesMakenna Rhodes

Hometown: Pleasant Hill

Favorite native plant/animal: Northern Cardinal

University: Central College

Major(s): Environmental Studies 

Minor(s): Biology

“I am looking forward to learning more about Iowa's landscapes and making an impact on them.”

Lauren WaltersLauren Walters

Hometown: Ankeny, Iowa

Favorite native plant/animal: White Waterlily, American Bullfrog

University: Iowa State University

Major(s): Environmental Science

Minor(s): Geology, Forestry, and Animal Ecology

“I am excited to gain field experience and have hands-on learning opportunities. INHF will give me valuable skills that I hope to use for the rest of my life.”

Eastern Iowa Land Stewardship Interns

Kyle BentleyKyle Bentley

Hometown: Tipton, IA

Favorite native plant/animal: Bur Oak

University: University of Iowa

Major(s): Environmental Science – Bioscience Track

“I am most looking forward to learning more plant ID and stewardship techniques.”

Alex BranhamAlex Branham

Hometown: Moline, IL

Favorite native plant/animal: Black Eyed Susan

University: Iowa State University

Major(s): Environmental Science

Minor(s): Sustainability

“I am most excited about learning more about native plants and the management for prairies. I am also exited to help restore our prairies in Iowa.”

Ellie MadsonEllie Madson

Hometown: Jefferson, IA

Favorite native plant/animal: Wood Lily

University: University of Iowa

Major(s): Public Health – Occupational and Environmental Health Track

“I’m excited to learn about conservation and how to make a prairie sustainable. I also want to work to know the various steps taken by conservation organizations to protect the land.”

Blufflands Land Stewardship Interns

Janet BorchardtJanet Borchardt

Hometown: Clarksville, IA

Favorite native plant/animal: Compass Plant

University: Luther College

Major(s): Biology

Minor(s): Environmental Science and Environmental Studies 

“I’m excited to make a positive impact on the blufflands and learn all about natural areas in this beautiful part of Iowa!”

Matt ButlerMatt Butler

Hometown: Riverside, IA

Favorite native plant/animal: Bastard Toadflax

University: Iowa State University

Major(s): Global Resource Systems and Animal Ecology

“I am super pumped to learn about the native ecosystems, improve my identification skills hangout in Iowa's driftless area, and fully experience the land stewardship field!”

Riley MarbleRiley Marble

Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN

Favorite native plant/animal: Showy Lady Slippers

University: Luther College

Major(s): Anthropology and Environmental Studies

Minor(s): History

“[I look forward to] getting some in the field experience and getting to learn the multitude of aspects that make up a foundation like INHF.”

Celia NeuzilCelia Neuzil

Hometown: Calmar, Iowa

Favorite native plant/animal: Dutchman’s Breeches

University: Iowa State University

Major(s): Animal Ecology and Environmental Science

“I’m looking forward to expanding my skills and knowledge in the fields of ecology and conservation, building connections, and enacting my revenge on wild parsnip.”

Zach StarbuckZach Starbuck

Hometown: Dike, Iowa 

Favorite native plant/animal: Whitetail Deer

University: Iowa State University

Major(s): Biology

Minor(s): Environmental Studies

“I am most excited about learning more about native plants and animals all over the Blufflands area. I grew up visiting this area quite often, and the Northeastern region of Iowa is something very special to learn about!”