Mississippi Riverfront boosted by trails and environmental stewardship

By Kerri on February 21, 2014 in Blog

MississippiLast week, the National Journal took a look at how trails and conservation efforts are helping to restore Mississippi riverfront towns and habitats to the boom of earlier times. The article, written by Drake alum Matt Vasilogambros, references extensive wetland efforts along the river’s banks and the work of River Action to increase active tourism with new trail corridors.

“In recent decades, different riverfront-development organizations have sprung up along the Mississippi River that have helped boost communities’ economies, promote recreation, and stem the flow of pollution.

‘We want to get people to the river to get that first-hand personal experience,’ said Amy Bandman, program director at River Action. ‘We can create better stewards of the environment by our rivers through these educational and environmental projects.'”

Read the full article here.