Multiuse Trail Etiquette

By Taylor on July 2, 2013 in Blog


Increased trail traffic accompanies nice weather. To ensure the safety of all trail users, INHF would like to remind you of some general rules and etiquette tips to follow on Iowa's 1,800 miles of trails.

Be courteous

  • Acknowledge others on the trail. The trail is a shared resource for all to enjoy!
  • Slow down when passing others. Alert them to your passing by saying “passing” or ringing a bike bell.
  • Do not wander off onto private property. Stay on the trail.

Be alert

  • Be ready to yield to other trail users. If you are on “wheels” (bicycle, skates) you must yield to those on “heels” (pedestrians, horses). Pedestrians must yield to horses (if allowed on that particular trail).
  • Ride or walk to the right and pass on the left. Be aware of location of other trail users.
  • If listening to music or on a phone call, make sure you can still hear other trail users approaching.

Be safe

  • In case you are injured, know your location, bring a cell phone, travel with a buddy and inform someone you are heading out on a trail.

Be prepared

  • It is a good idea to look at a map, check the day's weather and know the trail hours of operation and usage rules.
  • Bring water, sunscreen and other weather-appropriate gear.
  • Equip yourself or your bike with the proper accessories if going on the trail at night.

Whether on wheels or heels, we hope you enjoy learning why Iowa is the “World Capital of Trails”!

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