Nature Walk: Hairy Woodpecker

By INHF on July 23, 2012 in Blog

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If you are familiar with woodpeckers, the hairy is about twice the size of a downy woodpecker with a longer heavier beak. Both are forest dwellers, however, the downy often forages on small branches and can be found in open fields on cattails and weed stalks. The hairy normally feeds on the trunks and larger branches of dead or diseased trees such as this crabapple where it has created deep channels into the heartwood at the base of the tree in its search for insect larvae. Notice the nictitating membrane covering the eye. It provides protection from flying wood chips

We don’t know how it’s already the end of July but we hope you’ve been taking advantage of these gorgeous summer months! Go for a walk outside. Take a deep breath. We’ll help you start – with a little bird watching.

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