On Volunteering

By Taylor on September 27, 2012 in Blog

I was “that guy” yesterday…

…the stranger who calls you in the evening. I dialed the phone 157 times over three hours to talk about the Polk County Water & Land Legacy bond that's on the ballot this fall.

And surprise! It was a rewarding experience for me and for people I called!

We've all had about enough of the political calls, haven't we! So it's no surprise that half the numbers I dialed didn't answer, and another 30% declined to talk.

But the 31 people who gave me a quick minute of their time were generally grateful to learn about the rare conservation measure that's on the back of their ballot. Most had not heard that they'll be able to vote for local conservation. Several were grateful to have a real person on the phone to answer their questions about Measure A.

As the evening progressed, my attitude shifted from “sorry to bother you” to “glad I could help.”

Looking for a way to make your home county better and to be of service to your fellow voters?

Come join the action while you still can. People started voting early today. Now's the time.