Pets Outdoors

By Katy Hull, Communications Intern on April 28, 2021 in Blog

Pets outdoors

As winter settles and warm weather arrives, consider bringing your favorite four-legged friend with you on your next outdoor adventure.

Just like humans, pets can also get cabin fever, so it’s important to engage them in nature, weather permitting. When choosing where to take your pet, check local rules and regulations. Some parks don’t allow pets, many require them to be leashed, and some require a permit that must be purchased ahead of time.

Ensure you have all the supplies you need to take care of your pet outdoors. Waste disposal bags aren’t always available at parks, so have some on hand. Pets can become dehydrated easily, so make sure you have enough water to keep them hydrated. If you go to an area with a beach, pay attention to postings about water quality, as there may be dangerous levels of bacteria that pose health threats to your pet if they swim in or drink the water.

Don’t have a pet? Consider reaching out to someone you know that can’t get out as easily and offer to walk their pet. You can also reach out to shelters and see if they offer programs that allow you take adoptable pets out for the day.

Pets can be wonderful companions for exploring the outdoors. Just remember that people visit the outdoors for different reasons and enjoy nature in different ways, so always be respectful of others, area wildlife and natural habitat, and do your part to make the outdoors a place where all feel welcome.