Political Courage Needed to Solve Water Issues

By Kerri Sorrell on March 26, 2013 in Blog

Photo courtesy of the USDA

Photo courtesy of the USDA

The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation is committed to protecting and restoring Iowa’s beautiful, natural spaces. Max Schnepf, a retired official of the Soil and Water Conservation Society and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, wrote an important article in the Des Moines Register on March 22nd that we think is well worth the read.

The article, entitled “Political Courage Needed to Solve Water Issues,” calls on state policymakers to inform and require the farm community to be held to the same accountability level as Iowa’s cities are in protecting our water. He also urges, as the farm bill debate continues, that conservation compliance be tied to crop insurance and is better enforced by USDA. Read more of his suggestions to policymakers in the Register’s article, here.

What are your thoughts?