RAVE Update

By Taylor on September 12, 2014 in Blog

RAVE no circle_dots

In anticipation of our upcoming RAVE, we thought we'd share our success stories from our first two RAVE days!

Look at how much of an impact you can have in just a short amount of time!

1st RAVE: Trash pick-up on bikes along the Des Moines River Trail. This was followed by a social gathering at Mullet’s Restaurant.

  • Work accomplished: One truck-load of trash (including 4 tires!) collected in 90 minutes.

2nd RAVE: Honeysuckle removal (an invasive plant) from off-road trails followed by a social gathering at The Miller High Life Lounge.

  • Work accomplished: One dump-truck full of honeysuckle wood-chips, and a lot of excitement in 90 minutes.

When's the next RAVE? September 16th!

Deemed “The Tacopacolypse Trash Challenge”, this RAVE will involve a trash pick-up and a prairie harvest during the weekly “Taco Ride” along the Great Western Trail out of Des Moines. It’s simple: Do conservation work along the trail, get a free taco (and other goodies) at the end. This will be a partner RAVE with INHF, Polk County Conservation, Warren County Conservation, Tacopacolypse, the Iowa Distililng Company, The Cumming Tap and Culvers.

For questions on the event contact RAVE@inhf.org

Enjoy some pictures from our events so far!

20140813_182705 20140813_191348 IMG_1127 Throwing Honey Suckle