REAP In Your Region: Region 4

By Kerri on September 29, 2015 in Blog

For the next six weeks, INHF will be sharing the impact Iowa’s REAP program has in communities throughout the state. The Iowa DNR is hosting regional REAP Assemblies until Nov. 5, local meetings that allow residents to learn more about REAP and play a role in the programs policies and projects.


Region 4
Cherokee, Ida, Monona, Plymouth, Woodbury

REAP Assembly – Correctionville
Sept. 29, 2015 | Open house: 6-6:30 p.m., Assembly: 6:30-8 p.m.
Correctionville Community Center (312 Driftwood St., Correctionalville, IA 51016)


Featured Project

Loess Hills State Forest

Loess Hills State Forest, a gem of Harrison and Monona counties, is comprised of 4 units totaling 11,266 acres. Since its founding in 1986, the state forest has relied on REAP funding for land aquisition, management practices and the construction of a visitors center, scenic overlooks and picnic areas. One of the rarest landscape formations in the world, REAP has been vital to protecting the rough and beautiful features of the Loess Hills since the program's inception.

REAP funding for this project: $1,489,555

Region 4
Region REAP Support (total): $13,318,509


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