Six Nature-Themed Costumes for Halloween 2012

By Taylor on October 30, 2012 in Blog

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is finally upon us.

While witches, goblins and ghouls make for great traditional costumes, it’s always fun to get creative.

Don’t stress over finding the perfect costume this Halloween! In case you’re still searching, we’ve compiled five unique, nature-themed costumes sure to please nature lovers of all ages.

  1. The four seasons – Get three friends together and dress up as your favorite season. Be creative!
  2. Mother Nature – Interpret this one however you see fit. Extra points for using real flowers and natural materials in your costume design.
  3. “Clean” coal – Wear a garbage bag stuffed with newspaper and carry around a bottle of Clorox with you for the evening.
  4. The Lorax – This beloved Dr. Seuss character is famous for “speaking for the trees” and makes an especially adorable kid’s costume. Check out DecoArt’s easy costume tutorial.
  5. A Tree Hugger - Print a picture of a tree or invest in one of these handmade, tree-shaped pillows and get your hugging arms ready.
  6. Poison Ivy – Whether you choose the superhero or the plant, you’re sure to have a great costume.

Was your Halloween costume nature-themed this year? Send us your pictures!