Thank you, Bill Fultz!

By Anita O'Gara on January 24, 2019 in Blog

Bill Fultz

Bill Fultz was on the INHF board of directors for nearly 30 years. He was instrumental in the creation of Iowa Natural Heritage quarterly magazine, seen here holding an early copy in 1985.

How do you communicate the vision of a newly-formed, unproven organization? Bold talent, creativity and optimism are crucial.

Today we want to remember William "Bill" Fultz, who died on Tuesday at the age of 87, as the person who shaped INHF’s image in its earliest days — in ways you can still recognize 40 years later.

Shortly after INHF was incorporated in 1979, Bill was recruited to help communicate our mission and persona to the world. Bill was known for his talent in that arena as a principal partner at CMF&Z Advertising. He was drawn to serve INHF personally, in addition to CMF&Z’s professional expertise. Bill joined the INHF board of directors in 1980 — our second year in existence. He chaired the INHF board in 1986-88, then served for two decades more.

Bill was a stickler for high quality in all aspects of design and communications. Bill helped create an enduring, meaningful logo and the founding motto, “For Those Who Follow.” Thanks to Bill, our founders were able to use high quality materials and even a persuasive film as they invited Iowans to join in this cause.

If you enjoy the Iowa Natural Heritage quarterly magazine, be grateful to Bill. He urged us in 1985 to change our extremely basic newsletter into an attention-grabbing magazine format. Yes, funds were scarce, but he knew an investment in telling stronger, more effective stories would help our donors see the impact they make in Iowa through INHF.

Those of us who worked with Bill in those early decades remember him “guarding the brand” at every turn. He knew that your image leads people to assume something about your professionalism, reputation and personality. I was communications director in the 90s, and I could count on Bill for ideas and honest, constructive advice.

Bill was encouraging, optimistic and undaunted by challenges. Young organizations need leaders like that! Bill was generous in sharing his creativity and experience, believing that INHF could become a strong, trusted leader for Iowa conservation.

Thank you, Bill. Well done.