The Best Apps for Healthy Eating

By INHF on August 3, 2012 in Blog

Most of the time all we hear about is how our smart phones are slowly pulling us farther away from the great outdoors. While that might be true to some degree, technology also helps us be much more informed about the world around us – especially when it comes to the food we eat.

To prove our point we’ve compiled a list of some of the best iPhone and Android apps out there to encourage and promote healthy eating.

Fooducate (Free) – Simply scan the labels of different products while you shop to see each food’s report card style rating. Scanned something with a lower rating than you’d like? Fooducate will suggest a healthier option for you.

Locavore (Free) – Find out what fresh produce is in season and which local supplier carries it.

VegOut ($2.99) – Vegans and vegetarians rejoice, this app will help you locate all of the veggie friendly restaurants in your area.

Epicurious (Free) – A bevy of recipe information, this app allows you to enter specific ingredients into the search bar and find recipes of all kinds. Or narrow down your options by choosing meal type, difficulty of preparation or special occasion.