Visit our staff on RAGBRAI

By Taylor on July 18, 2014 in Blog

This year during RAGBRAI, a few INHF staff members will be riding the whole RAGBRAI route, making media visits and holding events along the way to promote the Iowa by Trail app launch that will take place at the RAGBRAI Expo. In each overnight town, INHF staffers will hold app demonstrations, provide limited edition Iowa By Trail memorabilia for purchase and be available for any trail-related discussions!

Meet the staff that you will have the opportunity to meet July 20th through the 26th to learn how to use the app, help us spread the word, and learn all the great spots to explore after RAGBRAI is over!


Lisa Hein
Program and Planning Director
“I am looking forward to RAGBRAI because I have the opportunity to celebrate Iowa for a full week, to promote the app to 10,000 of my best friends, and share all the great trails in Iowa.x

Andrea Piekarczyk
Program and Development Assistant
“I am looking forward to being a part of such a big tradition that I have always heard great things about. Also, I heard there is amazing pie!”


Mary Runkel
Volunteer Coordinator
“I love adventure! I think we will have the time of our lives and I am super excited for this opportunity. Go Acorns!”


Heather Jobst
Land Projects Director
“Earlier this summer I had the chance to run across the state so I thought being a part of RAGBRAI would be a great opportunity to both run and ride across the state in the same summer. Plus, I get to be a part of the INHF team and to be with my co-workers promoting all the awesome work we do!”


Hannah Inman
Director of Communications
“I am excited for two reasons. The first reason is to promote the app. I think people will be really excited about this app and all the features it has to offer. The second reason why I am excited is to see all the different communities that make Iowa great and to see the Iowa countryside.”

Laura Johnson
Communications Specialist
“I grew up in Iowa hearing a lot about RAGBRAI but have never experienced it. I am excited to finally be a part of this tradition that I have heard so much about. It has been an item on my bucket list since I was a child, and now I finally have the chance to cross it off and see Iowa in a different way.”

Kerri Sorrell
Digital Intern
“I am excited to introduce the Iowa by Trail app to thousands of people and pie!”

Erin Griffin
Events Coordinator and Development Specialist
“I am excited to go on RAGBRAI to promote the Iowa By Trail app and show the awesome features that can be useful to many trail users.”