Weekly video series discusses land and water issues in Iowa

Posted on May 30, 2018 in Blog

The Drake University Agricultural Law Center is tackling issues surrounding protection of Iowa’s land, water and wildlife in a new YouTube series titled, “Our Water, Our Land.” Neil Hamilton, director of the Agricultural Law Center and INHF board member, aims to inform Iowans and start conversations on conservation issues in Iowa through the weekly series.

Last week’s episode featured famous Iowa conservation leader Ding Darling, an Iowa native who became a world famous cartoonist and a trailblazer for conservation work across the nation in the 1930s. Darling, an avid outdoorsman, pioneered wildlife protection efforts and influenced others through his cartoons. Darling initiated the Federal Duck Stamp program and designed its first stamp. To this day, profits from stamp sales go toward wetland conservation efforts around the country.

The video series will include topics like water quality, soil erosion and wildlife protection, intending to encourage further discussions surrounding the protection of Iowa’s natural resources. Viewers can subscribe to the series on the Agricultural Law Center’s YouTube channel.