Iris at Quigley-Slattery Heritage Prairie, Buchanan County

Jessica Rilling

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  • Labor of Love

    DEC. 9, 2016

    The Neffs turned to INHF to explore permanent land protection options on their wetland near Fairfield. They decided to donate their property through INHF to Jefferson County Conservation Board with a condition that it remain open for public access.

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  • Two new nature areas for Story County

    MAR. 11, 2016

    We recently announced the opportunity to create two new nature areas in Story County. A public presentation on March 22 by INHF President Joe McGovern introduced the public to efforts to establish the new Gray Ghost Prairie and the Ronald “Dick” Jordan Family Wildlife Area. “While the majority of the funding for both these new areas is expected to come from competitive public grants, private contributions will also be needed for both projects,” said McGovern. Gray Ghost Prairie Gray

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  • The Wood Lily

    JUL. 24, 2014

    The sporatic wood lily (Lilium philadelphicum) can be found flowering in prairies across the state from mid-June to late-July. This one in particular was found on our Flowering Hill Prairie in Dickinson County, a dry prairie remnant that has never been plowed. Ernest (Ernie) and Edna Skow donated Flowering Hill Prairie to INHF in 1985 through a reserved life estate to make sure it will always be prairie, and at the same time they kept the right to use and enjoy the prairie during their lifet

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  • Reflections on a Gift of Land

    JUL. 9, 2012

    Rarely can we enjoy a place and time chock-full of gratitude. I wish everyone could have been with me at the dedication of the Guy Grover Timber and Tree Plantings a few days ago to experience such a time and place. I'm glad nearly 50 people turned out on a weekday morning to say “Thank you!” to Guy and Shirley Grover. It amazed us to ponder the twenty years of planning and planting that went into Guy's dream of creating a place where any of us can drop by and experience the wonders of the w

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