Iris at Quigley-Slattery Heritage Prairie, Buchanan County

Jessica Rilling

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  • In Case You Missed It: 2017 at INHF

    DEC. 20, 2017

    2017 was a record breaking year for INHF. Take a look back at the biggest moments of the year, and the work ahead for 2018.

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  • Introducing: Heritage Valley

    MAY. 31, 2017

    Folded into the far reaches of northeast Iowa, Heritage Valley lingers in the minds of those who visit. The Allamakee County property is as magnificent as it is vast, as wild as it is richly diverse.

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  • Heritage Valley: The little things in life

    JUL. 31, 2015

    An Iowa DNR member presents on a plant species to an attentive volunteer. (Photo by Jessica Rilling) As I reflect back on our summer seed harvest on July 9 up and around Heritage Valley in northeast Iowa, I think to myself “What a great day!” But I think that I say that a lot—so this time I'll do my best to answer WHY it was so great. INHF blufflands director Brian Fankhauser points out plant species to a volunteer. (Photo by Jessica Rilling) First off, we got to be outside durin

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