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Iowa's Water & Land Legacy

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Permanent conservation funding

Support for Iowa’s land, water and outdoor recreation is dependent on program funding set by the legislature that varies from year-to-year. Reliable funding is necessary to ensure that Iowa’s natural resources and communities will be consistently supported.
In 2010, 63% of Iowa voters approved a constitutional amendment to create the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund, a permanent and protected funding source for Iowa’s communities and natural places. Ten years later, the Trust Fund sits empty, requiring a sales tax increase of 3/8 of a cent for funding. If funded, the Trust Fund would generate approximately $200 million annually. The Trust Fund would provide farmers, local communities and state agencies with reliable and accountable funding.

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INHF recommends that the legislature raise the sales tax to at least 3/8 cent to fund the Trust and that the allocation formula include support for public
open space, trails, sustainable agriculture, and water quality.