2019 INHF Lawrence and Eula Hagie Heritage Award Recipients

Posted on October 31, 2019 in Blog

Enid and Pat Cancilla with INHF President Joe McGovern

Enid and Pat Cancilla with INHF President Joe McGovern. 

IOWA CITY– Pat and Enid Cancilla of Iowa City have been awarded the 2019 Lawrence and Eula Hagie Heritage Award. The Hagie Heritage Award is given annually by Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF), a nonprofit that works to protect and restore Iowa’s land, water and wildlife. 

The Hagie Heritage Award recognizes Iowans who have demonstrated extraordinary personal service and commitment to improving the quality of Iowa's natural environment and who encourage others to do the same.

“Johnson County has accomplished a lot of really good things in the area of conservation,” said Rod Sullivan, vice chair of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors and one of the people to nominate the Cancillas. “I sincerely don't believe we would be where we are today without Pat and Enid Cancilla.”

Pat, 89, and Enid, 88, were nominated for their conservation leadership in Johnson County and their work restoring native habitat on their personal property. Pat and Enid have created a family legacy of conservation and a deep respect for nature. 


Jodeane Cancilla, left, and Erin Melloy, right, are daughters of Enid and Pat Cancilla. 

“I admire the Cancillas partly because they have approached their efforts as a couple and partly because of the sheer longevity of their involvement with conservation issues,” said Don Beneke, an IHNF board member on the award selection committee. 

The Cancillas have restored much of their farm near Coralville Reservoir to native prairie and woodland, donated wood to local organizations for firewood, used their garden to teach their community about eco-friendly gardening, and have spent countless hours advocating for legislation and policies that support sound conservation. They have also volunteered many hours to raptor protection and rehabilitation through the Iowa Raptor Project and the R.A.R.E. Group. 

“The Cancillas have demonstrated true care for Iowa’s land, water and wildlife and have done a lot to pass that along to the next generation,” said Joe McGovern, INHF’s president. “Their commitment to improving the lives of othes through protection of our environment exemplifies what the Hagie Award was created for.”

The Hagie Heritage Award was established by Janice Hagie Shindel of Florida and Ila Jeanne Hagie Logan of Moville, IA in honor of their parents, Lawrence and Eula Hagie. 

The Cancillas received $1,000 and a hand-carved acorn sculpture made by INHF members Dennis and Linda Schlicht of Center Point during a ceremony in Johnson County earlier this week. 2019 Hagie Award

Other finalists for this year’s award were: Loren Lown of Pleasant Hill, Tom Murray of Decorah and Rich Patterson of Cedar Rapids. 

Click here For more information about INHF’s Hagie Heritage Award and the nomination process.