Iris at Quigley-Slattery Heritage Prairie, Buchanan County

Jessica Rilling

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  • Generations Strong

    AUG. 14, 2019

    Many families have a multi-generational connection to INHF, passing along a culture of conservation.

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  • Meet INHF's 2019 Summer Interns

    JUN. 10, 2019

    INHF will have 18 interns this summer, 4 in the office and 14 on our two land stewardship teams.

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  • Meet INHF's 2018 Fall Interns

    OCT. 24, 2018

    This fall, INHF has three interns working to gain professional experience and further INHF's mission through communications, design and grant writing. Find out why Rowan, Madison and Emily are excited to work at INHF and what they are hoping to learn.

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  • Governor Ray's legacy lives on in INHF's work

    JUL. 31, 2018

    Since his passing on July 8, Governor Robert Ray has rightly been remembered for his leadership, vision and compassion in making Iowa a better place. Part of that legacy was his creation of Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation in 1979 to serve as a new way to get more conservation done in Iowa.

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  • Meet INHF's 2018 Summer Interns

    JUN. 5, 2018

    INHF will have 15 interns this summer, three in the office and 12 on our two land stewardship teams.

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