Iris at Quigley-Slattery Heritage Prairie, Buchanan County

Jessica Rilling

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  • Meet INHF's 2021 Summer Interns

    JUN. 9, 2021

    Say hello to our summer interns! With 17 out in the prairies and four in the office, INHF has a new group of young hands and voices making a difference this summer.

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  • Meet INHF's 2020 Summer Interns

    JUN. 1, 2020

    Meet our Summer 2020 Interns

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  • From Acorn to Oak Tree

    DEC. 9, 2019

    Follow along with INHF's former and current presidents as they tell the story of INHF's early years.

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  • Home at the Lakes

    NOV. 25, 2019

    For over four decades, INHF and its partners have been protecting the Iowa Great Lakes. Several projects this past year have led INHF to strengthen its connection to this special place and the community of people committed to protecting it.

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  • Progress in the Prairie

    NOV. 11, 2019

    Jeff Jutting, an INHF land ambassador, has spent the past three years volunteering to help protect and better Iowa land. Jeff works hard, removing invasive species and caring for the native prairie, but his work spans even further in his relationship with the land and land donors.

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