Environmentally Friendly Halloween

By Taylor on October 29, 2013 in Blog

It's almost time for an evening of fun costumes and trick-or-treating!

Before you get too busy with Halloween festivities, INHF has a few suggestions for helping you celebrate in an eco-friendly way.

  1. Reusable Halloween Sacks – Trade in the pumpkin shaped candy bucket for a pillow case or reusable grocery bag. There is a good chance you'll be able to fit even more treats in this reusable alternative!
  2.  Party with Recyclables – Halloween parties can be a blast, but they can also leave you with lots of trash. Invite guests to recycle cans and bottles. Plates made of reusable materials, dishes and reusable utensils are great alternatives to disposable dinnerware.
  3. Carve a pumpkin – If you're looking for some last minute Halloween decorations make a jack-o-lantern. When your pumpkin starts to rot, it can be composted!
  4. Light the way with luminaries – Using bags made of recyclable paper and small tea candles, you can light the path for trick-or-treaters. Adding a design to the bag with small holes lets more light shine through and allows you to customize your luminaries for the holiday.
  5. Repurpose your costume – Someone else might get use out of your awesome costume. Look for places to donate your costume, such as youth theatre groups or school productions. A bin of clothes for playing dress-up is another great place for used costumes.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!