Iris at Quigley-Slattery Heritage Prairie, Buchanan County

Jessica Rilling

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  • Winter Birding

    DEC. 6, 2023

    Birding is a rapidly growing outdoor pastime, and many birding events occur during winter. Learn why this is and how you can participate in birding events this winter near you.

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  • Acorn Crew: Leaves

    NOV. 22, 2023

    With mild temperatures, enjoy the last few weeks of fall by exploring leaves! Here are five easy and fun activities to do with your family or enjoy on your own using INHF's Acorn Crew as your guide.

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  • Join the Monarch Migration

    SEP. 15, 2023

    As fall approaches, monarchs are gearing up for their long flight south to avoid the cold winter temperatures. The monarch migration season is a great time to get outdoors with your family and explore the insect world!

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  • Up a Creek

    AUG. 7, 2023

    Creek walking is a favorite pastime for many Iowans. Turning up rocks, feeling clay and dirt in between your toes, the rush of the cool water over your legs. It's all a bit of nature's magic. Tag along as Taryn Samuels, Development Specialist, and her family get outdoors, up a creek.

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  • Acorn Crew: Birding with Kids

    MAY. 26, 2023

    Birding can be an accessible activity for many ages and abilities. Close-up views of even the most common birds can still fascinate the viewer. And since you can bird from just about anywhere and anytime of year, it's a great skill to nurture. Here's are some tips for birding with kids including how to prepare and where to go.

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