Winter Break Activity

By Taylor on December 10, 2013 in Blog


It's just about time to start accumulating ideas for easy and fun indoor activities! Winter break is right around the corner.

This year for a fun, family friendly task, give ice candle making a try.

What you'll need:

  • Small plastic tub or bucket
  • Tin can or small plastic cup
  • A few small rocks
  • Candles
  • Freezing temperatures


Start by making the mold of your ice candle. Fill your bucket with cold tap water and place a tin can or cup in the water. The can/cup should be weighed down slightly with small rocks. To keep it centered, tape a piece of string to the bottom of the can. Next, tie the piece of string to a stick that is long enough to rest on the rim of the bucket.

Leave the bucket of water outside until it becomes a large ice cube with a cup in the center! Bring it inside and run warm tap water on the outside of the bucket. This will help loosen the block of ice from the pail so it can be carefully removed. The small cup also needs to be removed. A little warm water inside the cup will help make it lose and easier to pull out.

After the ice cube is freed from the mold, it can become an ice candle. Place a small candle in the center where the cup was previously. Place the ice cube wherever you desire (making sure to be a safe distance from houses, cars, etc…) and carefully light it. You have made an ice candle!

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