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A historic program supporting Iowa's natural resources for almost three decades.

Since its inauguration on May 27, 1989, REAP (the Resource Enhancement and Protection program) has helped fund the protection of Iowa’s beautiful and important natural resources. Each year, REAP funds efforts for:

  • Clean water and places for healthy outdoor recreation
  • Saving crucial topsoil and helping wildlife flourish
  • Educating Iowans of all ages on conservation essentials
  • Allowing communities to protect their cultural treasures

INHF was involved in the initial planning and implementation of the REAP program, and annually advocates for fully funding the program at the $20 million level established in Iowa law. Most years, funding falls short of this need.

This conservation-funding source provides money for projects through state agency budgets or in the form of grants. REAP often provides partial or a majority of funding for projects, with private donors providing the rest. Through these private donations, REAP is able to leverage the state investment by two to three times.

Many of the land protection projects Iowans know and love wouldn’t have been possible without REAP. See a full list of REAP projects.

Competitive REAP grants are an essential part of success for close to a dozen INHF land protection projects each year. REAP has helped fund many INHF partner projects throughout its tenure.

Interested in learning more about REAP? Visit the Iowa DNR website or contact INHF at or (515) 288-1846