Iowa state Capitol building in Des Moines

Trail Policy

Expanding Iowans' access to trails and the outdoors.

Trout Run Trail in Decorah, IowaINHF staff is actively engaged in local, state and federal policy that impacts multi-use trails. We provide educational information to elected leaders - enabling them to make informed decisions on funding, access and much more.

At a state level, INHF provides information to Iowa legislators to support increased funding for the Department of Transportation's State Recreational Trails grant program, which provides funding for the acquisition and development of many of Iowa's trails. INHF also provides general information on trail use, economic impacts of trails and health benefits associated with trail use to advocate for policies that provide further access to trails for all.

Federally, INHF staff monitor the renewal of the federal Transportation Bill. This five-year bill includes funding for a variety of programs that support multi-use trail development including the Transportation Alternatives Program and Federal Recreational Trails Program. INHF also works with partners across the country to keep a pulse on issues that threaten the rails-to-trails program and other laws and programs that influence people's access to the outdoors.

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