High Trestle Trail



If you build it, they will come - but not without a bit of marketing.

high trestle trail

Be active in how the trail is promoted during construction, as segments open and once it’s finished. Social media is a great way to build excitement and anticipation as the trail moves through different stages. Share stories, photos, videos, trail updates and info about upcoming events and opportunities to support the project.

Let people know how they can get involved by volunteering or donating, and provide links for them to do so. There’s a much higher chance people will donate if it’s fast, easy and accessible. 

Keep people excited. Keep the trail at the forefront of their minds. In addition to sharing information on social media, look for opportunities to pitch stories to local media, special interest publications and professional groups. The more people who know about the trail and see ways that they can get engaged, the better.

  • Develop a trail brand
  • Identify primary audiences & communication channels
  • Share trail developments
  • Invite others to get involved
  • Build relationships with media