Bur oak acorns on fall oak leaves by Kip Ladage

Kip Ladage

About Us

Protecting and restoring Iowa’s land, water and wildlife.

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF) is a statewide nonprofit conservation organization that works with private landowners and public agencies to protect and restore Iowa’s land, water and wildlife. Since our founding in 1979, our members and staff have protected more than 150,000 acres of Iowa’s natural resources.

INHF focuses on four priority areas:

  • Protection: Partnering with landowners and conservation organizations to permanently protect important and threatened lands across Iowa to benefit water, wildlife and people.
  • Stewardship: Ensuring the long-term health of protected land.
  • Connection: Strengthen the relationship between wild places and people who will experience, value and advocate for them.
  • Advocacy: Giving a voice to Iowa’s natural resources through funding initiatives, important partnerships and political championship.

INHF was the first land trust in Iowa to receive national accreditation from the Land Trust Alliance.


INHF envisions Iowans connected to our diverse landscape and committed to the value of healthy land, water and wildlife.

Download our Strategic Plan.


Forward Thinking

  • We know that our work and decisions will impact future generations who depend on us to protect and restore wild places now.
  • We prepare the next generation of conservation leaders by engaging and mentoring young Iowans.

Respect, Partnership and Stewardship

  • We hold deep respect for Iowa’s land, water and wildlife and let it guide our daily work.
  • We embrace the power of relationships with donors, volunteers, landowners, conservation agencies and other partners. Conservation, no matter who’s doing it, is always our goal.
  • We believe it is a great privilege to serve as stewards of the land and financial gifts entrusted to us.


  • We embrace each day as a privilege to protect and restore Iowa’s natural resources and to connect people to them.