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Spring Creek at Ft. Defiance State Park, Emmet County

Daniel Ruf

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Turin Prairie, Monona County

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Cedar Valley Nature Trail

Nathan Houck

Protecting and restoring Iowa’s land, water and wildlife.

We’ve helped protect over 165,000 acres of Iowa prairies, woodlands, lakes and rivers and blazed the way for Iowa’s trails.

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Recent Stories

  • The Family Trees

    AUG. 13, 2018

    For more than a century, the Ferguson Timber has given life to an extended family. Now, the family is ensuring its future.

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  • New linear park coming to city of Laurens

    JUL. 31, 2018

    Recently, INHF and the City of Laurens began transforming a discontinued rail corridor into a linear park for the community.

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  • Governor Ray's legacy lives on in INHF's work

    JUL. 31, 2018

    Since his passing on July 8, Governor Robert Ray has rightly been remembered for his leadership, vision and compassion in making Iowa a better place. Part of that legacy was his creation of Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation in 1979 to serve as a new way to get more conservation done in Iowa.

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  • Planting Season

    JUL. 31, 2018

    Cathy Irvine of Benton County donated her land to UNI's Tallgrass Prairie Center to use as a restoration demonstration and future educational spot for UNI students. To ensure its long-term protection, Cathy donated the land to INHF, and INHF transferred the property to UNI with a conservation easement.

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  • Wetland Wonders

    JUL. 30, 2018

    As one of the rarest landscape types in Iowa, fens are a mystery to most Iowans. Discover their beauty and diversity.

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