Iris at Quigley-Slattery Heritage Prairie, Buchanan County

Jessica Rilling


  • REAP is Iowa's best conservation program

    MAR. 19, 2019

    In rural Iowa and beyond, county conservation boards and Iowa's REAP program are bringing nature to Iowans.

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  • Iowa landowners honored at Capitol

    MAR. 14, 2019

    On Tuesday, March 12, more than 40 gifts of land, land value or conservation easements were recognized at the Iowa Capitol. Gift to Iowa's Future Day is an annual celebration of private landowners and organizations for their contributions to conservation and recreational efforts across Iowa in 2019. This year, these gifts totaled more than $6 million and protected 5,700 acres across 35 counties.

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  • Why the State Revolving Fund is important to water quality and conservation

    MAR. 12, 2019

    As SF 548 moves on to the full Senate, this bill is very narrowly focused on one fundamental question: Should a private entity be allowed to access a low interest loan from the State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF) to buy land to re-sell to public entities? INHF believes the answer is "yes."

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  • Your voice made a difference

    MAR. 7, 2019

    When two bills were introduced in the Iowa legislature last week that threatened conservation and outdoor recreation in Iowa, you sprang into action — calling, emailing and visiting legislators, then packing two subcommittee hearings on Monday with hundreds of people opposed to the bills. You stopped once bill and made another better.

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  • Update on public land: House bill is likely dead, Senate bill moves on

    FEB. 28, 2019

    HF 542 and SB 1221 threaten the future on conservation in Iowa. HF 542 is a direct attack on public land at the state, county and city level. SB 1221 is more narrow in scope, but will make it harder for private landowners to protect their land and will harm water quality projects on public land.

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