Support Current Projects

These current projects need financial support now. Each of them will become public lands with wildlife benefits.

  • Carroll Prairie

    49 acres along West Indian Creek in Story County that includes remnant prairie and oxbow wetlands. Lorna Sellberg, a Story county resident and passionate conservationist, worked closely with INHF to see the protection of this property come to fruition. Lorna donated half the land’s value to ensure permanent protection and future public ownership. Future restoration activities will continue to build off the past care and attention that Lorna so willingly gave to the property.

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  • Gunderson Nature Park

    Gunderson Nature Park

    25 acres of woodland, prairie and wetland adjacent to Pine Lake State Park in Eldora limits. The site is currently open to the public, and provides educational opportunities to local students, as well as a walking trail for Eldora residents.

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  • Jordan Family Wildlife Area

    175 acres along the South Skunk River in Story County that includes floodplain oak savanna and a state threatened mussel species. The Baldus family, longtime Story County residents and outdoor enthusiasts, worked closely with the Story County Conservation Board and Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to see the protection of this property come to fruition. Habitat restoration and stream bank stabilization will have tremendous wildlife and water qualily benefits to the area.

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  • Garlock Slough Addition

    This 120-acre addition to Garlock Slough helps to absorb impurities that would otherwise trickle into the waters of Iowa's Great Lakes. Depending on the season, it is also a great place for hunters, bird-watchers and nature photographers.

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  • Big Wall Lake Addition

    This block of upland habitat on Big Wall Lake's northwest corner adds an additional 341 acres of protected land to a large emerging complex, protecting the shallow marsh for migratory birds and improving water quality.

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  • Kuehn Conservation Area Addition

    Protect a key 50-acre inholding at the entrance of the 600+ acre Kuehn Conservation Area in Dallas County. Balance the established woodland with a converted open grassland, increasing species diversity and further protecting the water quality of the Middle Raccoon River.

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  • Biscuitroot Bluff

    Deep in Iowa's southwest corner of lies an expanse of newly protected remnant prairie that builds on the deepening appreciation for conserving and protecting of one of the world's rarest landforms – the Loess Hills.

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  • Winneshiek County Trout Streams

    Until recently, two of the state's highest quality trout streams were conditionally open to the public based on agreements between two property owners and the Iowa DNR. Now, INHF has purchased both properties with plans to transfer them to the Iowa DNR to be used as public recreation area.

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  • Silver Lake West

    This shallow glacial lake with poor water quality is becoming a focus for restoration in Palo Alto county. The 185-acre property on the west side of Silver Lake catches and filters nearly 30% of all water flowing into the lake. The preservation and restoration of this wet meadow, remnant prairie, CRP and wetland landscape will be a huge step in improving water quality and keeping wildlife habitat intact.

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Current Trail Projects

  • Dry Run Trail 

    A mile of former rail corridor runs through 170 acres of woodlands and open space on Dry Run Creek. Besides being an attractive county park, Neste Valley will be a trailhead and a very scenic midway stretch for the envisioned 8-mile connection of Trout Run Trail in Decorah to the Prairie Farmer Recreational Trail (Calmar to Cresco). This would connect a 43-mile trail system in Northeast Iowa. 

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  • Connector to link High Trestle Trail with Raccoon River Valley Trail

    This 9-mile future trail between Perry and Woodward will connect two of Iowa's biggest and best trail systems! This is the connection that everyone is waiting for. While this project is in its early stages, contributions now will help Dallas County Conservation match and secure public grants to kick off the trail.

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  • Iowa River Trail

    This 34-mile former rail corridor between Marshalltown and Steamboat Rock follows the beautiful Iowa River Greenbelt and connects with Pine Lake State Park. Through Marshalltown, this new trail will connect with the Highway 330 Trail and Heart of Iowa Trail. (Central Iowa through Hardin and Marshall counties.)

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  • Coon Rapids to Herndon Trail

    This 17-mile connection is the last link to connect the Raccoon River Trail to Whiterock Conservancy, a 5,500-acre outdoor recreation area! The Raccoon River trail is part of the Central Iowa Trail System, a 700 mile network of continuous trail in and around Des Moines that includes the High Trestle Trail.

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  • Farragut connection to Wabash Trace Nature Trail

    Farragut connection to Wabash Trace Nature Trail

    This 4-mile trail will give you another way to enjoy the Wabash Trace. The go-getter people of Farragut (pop. 485) are working hard to connect trail users with their community, and the Admiral Inn Café is eager to host events for trail enthusiasts. (Southwest Iowa in Fremont and Page counties.)

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  • Prairie City Trail

    Prairie City Trail

    The development of this trail extension, connecting Monroe, Prairie City and Mitchellville, is part of the long range goal of linking the Des Moines metro with Lake Red Rock and Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge.

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